i love you~我愛你~당신을 사랑~私はあなたを愛して^^
Mohammad Ridzwan Bin Thaha

Norazrinah Amir [rina]. Student of International Islamic College. Dip. in accounting.Alhamdulilah, da gred da pun.Insyahallah, Future Husband Mohammad Ridzwan Bin Thaha. May Allah protect our relationship. Stay strong, always understand each other.

Ya Allah , Thanks for the gift of my life today .
Today is the best of my life ! alhamdulillah.

Ahad, 2 Oktober 2011

Just A DreEam ^^..

This song is great! and the best ~ ~
I love this song ..
although they are not real singers ..
they are great for this song ^ ^

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